Company Name:
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
## Job Description
Basic Description
This position will be responsible for a variety of assemblies and tasks depending on cell placed in. These responsibilities may include assembly, testing and maintaining of targeted inventory levels for hand controls and foot controls, assembling and winding of leads, assembly of wire harnesses, cutting and cleaning large leads, crimping wire terminals, soldering, and use of hi-pot and other test equipment. Candidate will be required to cross train and rotate throughout cell and business unit as needed. Good organizational skills, self discipline, positive attitude and a customer first mentality are required to be successful in this position.
Essential Functions
Balance and prioritze daily and weekly workloads between targeted products.
Assembly of wire harnesses using harness boards and testing equipment.
Other sub-assembly work.
Opening and closing of Magic work orders.
Responsible for the ordering of raw materials.
Use of air and electric assembly tools, in addition to hi-potting and basic final testing of products.
Able to read and understand bills of material and assembly drawings.
Operation of cord cutting machinery and ability to wind cords and coils.
Will utilize ITW toolbox to support Employee Involvement, 5S initiatives, and drive continuous improvement.
Responsible for balancing vacations and workloads between team members.
May be required to move into different work cells within business unit based on production needs.
Ability to work in a highly repetitive environment.
Prioritize workloads to meet daily and weekly production goals.
Other responsibilities as designated by PC.
Essential functions may change as position evolves
## Job Requirements
Minimum Qualifications
Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
Must be able to pass solder certivication and demonstrate proficiency if needed.
Must be able to stand up to 12 hours per day.
Must be able to work overtime as needed to meet customer demands. This includes voluntary and mandatory OT. Occasional Saturday OT may be required.
1 year of assembly or manufacturing experience preferred.
Ability to comprehend bills of materials and prints.
1 year of MRD and material ordering experience preferred.
Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
Must possess basic computer skills.
Good communication skills.
Team orientated.
Safety and quality minded
Qualifications may change as position evolves
Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Appleton, WI
Job Type: Skilled Labor - Trades, Manufacturing, General Labor
Experience: At least 1 year(s)
Date Posted: 4/3/2014

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